Skirt Sizing

The waist/ hip size for all my dance skirts is determined by the physics of flight! With enough fabric for full extension spins, they fit hips up to 60 inches with an Adjustable waist
Skirt length is an individual decision. It depends on your high/low waist or hips wearing preference and what length you desire for your particular dance style. DO NOT USE YOUR INSEAM MEASUREMENT - IT IS ONLY FOR PANTS NOT SKIRTS!. To measure your skirt length, stand next to a wall or doorway and make a mark on the wall where the top of your skirt will be. Measure from the mark to the floor. This is the length you should order if you want the skirt to be close to the floor. Subtract 1 or 2 inches. If you want the skirt to brush the top of your feet or ankles.