Costuming Info

The costuming information found on these pages is the result of much thought and many pleasant conversations with dancers over the years.  I love to talk and play dress-up, but only with garments that fly, shimmy, flow, and mesmerize!
Most of the helpful tips are from customers and sister dancers.  Anything fanciful or inaccurate probably comes from me!


Dance costumes and so much more....

My full dance skirts are gaining a cult following as street ware, they look great paired with flowing tunics, jackets and tops, or slinky tanks for evening wear. The new 30 inch lengths make all dancing more fun, Salsa, Contra, Club, you name it!  And can be layered for even more color and for added flight.

Cholis are great with yoga wear or jeans, or at the opposite extreme, double as a bra for cold weather, and can be paired with a vest or jumper for a very comfortable and great looking outfit.

Kurtas are wonderful for every thing from beach cover-ups to night wear, and especially nice casual wear over jeans or leggings.

The bloomers can double as some of the sexiest and most comfortable sleepwear available- I especially like the way I can draw my feet up into the elastic casing for warmth.

Silk veils can be used for numerous purposes, as a belly covering, as a sarong , and children love them for capes and dress-up.