Loose, flowing pants, gathered at the ankles, are a part of traditional garb in many lands. In the version I offer, each leg measures 60" making it a 3 2/3 yard bloomer, the full legs are pleated into a 55" yoke to create interesting detail and a flattering silhouette.

Street ware Lots of cross over options !The Village Bloomers are great casual ware whenever you want to feel comfortable and a bit exotic. They work wonderfully for musicians and as men's ware too. The Brocade silks make elegant evening and party apparel. The Cotton Gauze Bloomers? Wonderful for that tropical vacation or cruise! And the Silk Haboti bloomers can double as some of the sexiest and most comfortable sleep ware available - I especially like the way I can draw my feet up into the elastic casing for warmth.

Silk bloomers can be hand or machine washed using the gentle cycle in cool water to prevent fading. The silk haboti bloomers take nicely to machine drying and come out wrinkle free, the village bloomers also love the dryer and come out soft and flowing, the silk brocade bloomers must be hung to dry, and if you have the patience ironing will bring out the brocade pattern in a wonderful way. However to protect the vibrant colors, you may want to dry clean all your silk bloomers (bulk method is fine).
The cotton gauze bloomers are a different story. Cotton Gauze acts a bit like permed hair- it can seem to grow, or seem to shrink a bit depending on how it is hung, washed and dried. Follow the washing instruction on the hang tag to keep it the length you ordered- Or you can increase the length to the max. by hanging to dry. To decrease the length, get it wet and then dry in the dryer. But don't overdo it; wear and tear will result from too frequent washing

Bloomers are meant to be voluminous and flowing, mine measure 60 inches around each leg making them between 3 and 4 yard bloomers. An elastic casing at the ankles pulls in the fullness and allows it to blouse out over the feet. you can move the elastic up or down on the ankle, so there is more leeway in length than with other garments.
The sizing according to height assumes you will be wearing them at the hip and want moderate blousing at your ankles. You may want to order a longer length if you wear them near your waist or like them to cover you feet and touch the ground. here are the garment measurements to help guide you!

Short (fits 5'- 5'3")measures about 39 inches top to bottom
Medium ( fits 5'4"- 5'7") measures about 41 inches top to bottom
Long ( fits 5'8- 6' 1") measures about 44 inches top to bottom

the top band measure 58 inches around for all sizes
with an adjustable elastic waist fits up to 57 inch hips.

A note on hand dyed costuming: All the bloomers are hand dyed using blended dyes ( I have created many of the colors I love by mixing different dyes). Slight imperfections and variations in shade are characteristic of hand dyed fabrics and are not considered flaws.

Finishing Tips: To finish the elastic in bloomers, cut off excess except for one inch,overlap and sew securely by hand or machine, You can also get by just with the safety pin (many dancers have), but be sure to finish the raw edges so they don't fray. You can use fray check or a household glue if you are careful. The bloomer ankle elastic can be adjusted - make it tighter if the bloomers hang too low, looser if it binds.