Kurtas and Tunics

The Kurtas and Tunics are often worn under coin bras. They are meant to be not just loose but oversized- the Ghawaze sleeves should fall long and free and the Kurta sleeves should be rolled up to taste. A closer fit comes from layering with belts, vests, and bras.
The measurements below are the actual garment dimensions not body measurements. A modern close fitting garment allows 2- 4 inches of ease ( difference between body measurement and garment measurement). A modern loose garment allows 6 to 8 inches of ease. A Traditional oversized garment allows much more ease; up to 10- 20 inches or more. You may order a smaller size with less ease if you wish a more mordern fit. ( my bust measures 44 inches and I like wearing the size S/M as a close fitting shirt with jeans)

THE SIZE S/M measures:
23" shoulder to shoulder
the sleeves measure 21 inches long.
48 inches around the bust
31 inches long

The size L/ XL measures:
25 inches shoulder to shoulder
the sleeves measure 23" long
60 inches around the bust
37" long

Care and Washing:

Cotton Kurtas and Tunics are made from care free cotton gauze. Hand washing in cool water and hanging to dry will give the longest wear, but you can also machine wash delicate cycle and dry in the dryer.

Silk Kurtas and Tunics and can be hand  washed in cool, and hung to dry or tumbled dry delicate cycle, this will give a natural dimpled finish, the one I favor.  You can also get a nice crinkle finish by twisting it vertically and drying ( like a broomstick skirt). To  get an ironed finish you can have it dry cleaned, or for special occasions break out the old fashioned steam iron and do it yourself!