Fringe Belts

Fringe Belts are made for layering. The short fringe belt looks great layered over a long fringe belt . The short fringe telegraphs short flips hips moves, and the long reflects long swoopy and spinning moves, and of course coin or tassels belts can be layered on top for truly spectacular performance effects.

Street ware
Although the overwhelming wearing choice is at the hip, I have seen the belts used draped like a shawl, especially for celebratory and ceremonial purposes.

Avoid cleaning fringe belts unless absolutely necessary, if needed, dry cleaning is the safest way to go. The fringe will gently unravel or "get fluffy" at its ends with the agitation of washing. Belts with mirrors, tassels, or metal work should not be garment cleaned- it can ruin metal and risk the backing on the mirrors, spot cleaning and an occasional airing or smoking are all the maintenance these belts need. To air your garment, literally hang it inside out in the fresh air and sunshine- yes sunshine actually kills bacteria and freshens garments. ( be sure not to over-do, sunshine can also fade and weaken fibers). To Smoke your garment, first form a smoke enclosure from your bathroom or porch (make sure it is a room you can air out later). Hang the garment inside out, set at least 4 sticks of incense to burning- and leave the space enclosed till all the incense has burned (at least an hour or more). experiment with different scents and herbs. The smoke has a anti bacterial effect.

Finishing Tips:
If the fringe is too long or getting ragged (see above) you can simply trim it as you would trim hair. Tassels can be removed and hand washed in case they get soiled, most tassel belts  give years of enjoyment without ever being washed- do keep them away from your cat- and that goes double for kittens!

long fringe and short fringe belts fit hips 2-10 inches wider the the fringe to fringe measurement. some overlapping is fine, and some dancers like fringeless space in front, so fit is not as worrisome as in other garments. You can go by your hip size or for a more exact fit; measure around your hips where you will be wearing the belt ( usually a bit above the widest part of your hips)

Triangle Fringe belts
fringe to fringe measurements for long and short fringe belts shaped with a triangle in back:

Small 28 inches
med 33 inches
Large 38 inches
X-large 43 inches

Strait Fringe belts ( like the black diamond or cowrie fringe belt) are sized to fit hips 4-12 inches wider then the fringe to fringe measurements:

Small 26 inches
med 32 inches
Large 36 inches
X-large 42 inches


Floral Wrap Measurements ( I allow 10inches at each end for tying, order larger size if you want the fringe to meet or overlap):

Small 50 inches tip to tip 30 inches fringe to fringe
med 55 inches tip to tip, 35 inches fringe to fringe
large 60 inches tip to tip, 40 inches fringe to fringe
X-large 65 inches tip to tip, 45 inches fringe to fringe