Bloomer Sizing

Bloomer Sizing
Bloomers (also called pantaloons) are meant to be voluminous and flowing, Mine measure 60 inches around each leg making them approximately 3 1/2 yard bloomers. An elastic casing at the ankles pulls in the fullness and allows it to blouse out over the feet.. you can move the elastic up or down on the ankle, so there is more leeway in length than with other garments.

The sizing according to height assumes you will be wearing them at the hip and want moderate blousing at your ankles. You may want to choose a longer length if you wear them near your waist or like them to cover you feet and touch the ground. here are the garment measurements to help guide you!
Short (fits 5'- 5'3") measures about 39 inches top to bottom
Medium ( fits 5'4"- 5'7") measures about 41 inches top to bottom
Long ( fits 5'8- 6' 1") measures about 44 inches top to bottom
the top band measure 58 inches around for all sizes
with an adjustable elastic waist fits up to 57 inch hips.