The Height of Romance! This Spinning skirt is reminiscent of Spanish dancers and Gypsy firelight. Three tiers, Made from responsive and flight worthy rayon challis. Three fullness options to choose from!  10 yards at the hem for full flight, 15 yards for more flounce, or 20 yards for maximum tucking and skirt work drama! weighted with a band of satin Jacquard for effortless spinning! Wonderful for tucking, and layering as shown with the Gypsy Floral Wrap. The top tiers are black rayon challis, the bottom tier is banded with beautiful  floral rayon challis. finished with a satin brocade band.

Florals:  red and white rose  blue floral,  teal floral  fuchsia floral , pink rose , yellow and red Big rose ,  turquoise floral , purple rose ,  red and white rose shades of gray floralSilver Floral,  Coral Floral
Band Colors: click on the color for a sample pict! solid colors:  purple band, magenta band,  blue bandteal blue band, turquoise band, green band,  olive band , kiwi band,  sun yellow band, golden yellow band, tangerine band,  coral band, rust band,  brick band,  red bandcrimson bandwine banddeep pink band, fuchsia bandivory band,  black band,
Size: The adjustable elastic casing fits hips up to 60 inches. Order by Length, X-Short 32 inches, Short 34 inches, Medium 36 inches, Long 38 inches, X-long 40 inches.

Price $139-$201

Handcrafted after I receive your order; ships within 7-10 business days.
Polka Dots! You can add a band of polka dots  for $12. First order the Floral Spinning Skirt by clicking on the the size, color, option and add to cart buttons, then click on the add polka dot button


more picts:
15 yard Coral Floral w/Coral band
15 yard Turquoise Rose w/Turquoise band
15 yard Turquoise Rose w/Turquoise band tucked
15 yard Turquoise Rosew/Turquoise band skirt work!
15 yard Crimson Rose w/Crimson band

Skirt care and More! Skirt information page