Romantic  Floral challis with fluid, shimmy enhancing  rayon fringe- in long fring or short fringe versions. Wonderful as shown with the Floral Spinning Skirt or layered under a coin belt or Kuchi belt.
Size: Order by hip size. Small (fits 30-35 inch hips), Medium (fits 35-40 inch hips) and Large (fits 40-45 inch hips) X- large ( fits 45-50 inch hips)
Colors: with some recomended fringe colors, Use your  costuming taste and creativity to choose others!- I like to match the fringe to a color in the floral print for a tied together look.
purple rose w/purple fringe
teal rose:  with teal fringe
red rose  red fringe or red rose/ kiwi fringe  
coral floral with deep coral fringe, off white fringe, or tangerine fringe
coral rose with deep coral fringe, olive fringe, or g. yellow fringe
pink rose with light pink fringe, deep pink fringe, or apple fringe
red and white rose with ivory fringe, rust fringe, or red fringe
brick rose with brick fringe, rust fringe, or olive fringe
Golden Yellow Floral with tangerine fringe, or red fringe
black/white dot with with black white or really any color fringe!!
black/red dot with red fringe
black/ purple dot with purple fringe

Handcrafted after I receive your order; ships within 7-10 business day
Price Long fringe $79, Short fringe $49

Custom tweaks: there are too too many combos to list, but you can use your imagination and request a custom hip wrap that will tie together your unique Tribal ensemble ! I can dye polka dots in any of my 25 Hand Dyed colors , with contrasting or matching fringe. I can make hip wraps out of black or solid colors, or from my Indian block prints or Jaipur tie dyes! Email your creative combo request and I'll let you know how to proceed!

Hip Wrap fits hips measuring 10 inches narrower to 3 inches wider than fringe to fringe measurement- order larger if you wish fringe to overlap.

Small 40 inches tip to tip, 30 inches fringe to fringe
med 45 inches tip to tip, 35 inches fringe to fringe
large 50 inches tip to tip, 40 inches fringe to fringe
X-large 55 inches tip to tip, 45 inches fringe to fringe

Hand sewn after I receive your order- will ship within 7-10 business days