A practical garment for both dancers and musicians. Popular with men and women. And great for street wear!. Looks like rustic village woven cotton, but is really silk noil- the silk that is harvested after the silk worm has emerged from the cocoon. With a slightly nubby texture, a soft hand, easy mobility and deep vivid coloring of silk.  
Colors; ivory,antique beige(not available in this style), black, brilliant blue, teal blue, turquoise, emerald green, apple green, olive, golden yellow, tangerine, rust, brick, red, deep crimson, wine, fuchsia, pink, purple, magenta.
Sizing: Extra Full!  Bloomers are meant to be voluminous and flowing, mine measure 60 inches around each leg making them between 3 and 4 yard bloomers. An elastic casing at the ankles pulls in the fullness and allows it to blouse out over the feet.The adjustable elastic top casing fits hips up to 55 inches. Order according to your height. Short (fits 5' - 5'3) Medium ( fits 5'4- 5'7) ,Long; ( fits 5'8-6'1) 

Price $82

Matching Silk Accessories tie your colors together ! if ordered at the same time will be dyed in same dye bath!
Silk Veil
Silk Head Scarf
Silk Sleeves

For more silk bloomer information, including tips on care, sizing, and finishing; go to the Bloomer information page