This design is an answer to the pleas of Southern Dancers. "Please give us light cotton for humid summer dancing!"- So I did, and ultimate comfort is the result. For Men and Women! I especially like the casual playful feel, Suitable for strolling along the beach as well as for the stage. Slightly sheer, but not see-thru, Great layered under any skirt or worn alone! Works for musicians as well as dancers.The full legs are gracefully pleated into a hip band. Adjustable casing fits hips up to 55 inches.
Sizing: Bloomers are meant to be voluminous and flowing, mine measure 60 inches around each leg making them almost 4 yard bloomers (3 and 2/3s to be exact). An elastic casing at the ankles pulls in the fullness and allows it to blouse out over the feet. Order according to your height. Short (fits 5 - 5ft.3"), Medium ( fits 5 ft.4" - 5 ft. 7"), Long ( fits 5ft 8" -6 ft.1")
Colors: 25 hand dyed colors ! white, black, and hand dyed in wine, magenta, purple, blue, teal, turquoise, green, olive, apple, rust,chocolate, brick, golden yellow, tangerine, red, deep crimson, fuchsia, pink, peach, periwinkle blue, celery, lilac. Please be aware The color swatches give you an idea of the color you will receive but are not exact. moniters differ and hand dyed colors vary from dye lot to dye lot.

A Matching Easy fit Choli will tie your ensamble together ! if ordered at the same time it will be dyed in same dye bath! click on links below for easy order!
Long Sleeved Easy Fit Choli
hort Sleeved Easy Fit Choli

Price $84

handcrafted after I receive your order; crafting takes 7-10 business days.

Special care note- this crinkle gauze is a little like permed hair- if the fabric hangs and relaxes your bloomers will grow. If it is washed and then dried in the dryer they will get shorter! To keep them a stable length store folded or rolled- do not hang. To make them shorter tumble dry after washing, to make them longer hang to dry- the good news!-wrinkles will never be a problem!

for more bloomer care and sizing information Bloomer information page