I Call this the Falcon Skirt- to point to its most important feature- it FLYS   from a gentle lift to strong swift, sustained flight. 3 full tiers, with a weighted hem. Made  from springy best quality rayon challis, with matching rayon jacquard band.Your choice! 10 yards; the original and still the absolute best for full out hands free spinning, 15 yards for hands on Gypsy spins and fluid skirt work, 20 yards for shoulder draped shimmys and over head Gypsy skirt work!

Colors:   Click here for color swatchs, and for 2015 color swatches, Hand dyed colors:  wine,  magenta , purple, blue, teal, turquoise ( not available in this style), green, olive, apple, rust, antique beige ( not available in this style), chocolate, brick, golden yellow, tangerine, red, deep crimson, fuchsia, pink, peach, periwinkle blue, pastel green, lilac, and white. 2015 colors persimmon, pearl grey, grass green, marigold.( note: natural/ ivory not available in this style)

Sizes The adjustable elastic casing fits hips up to 60 inches. Order by Length. X-short 32 inches, Short 34 inches, Medium 36 inches, Long 38 inches 

Price  $109-189

Hand sewn after I receive your order- will ship within 7-10 business days

For more skirts information, including tips on care, sizing, and finishing; go to Skirt info.

More pictures:
Over head 20 yard Magenta
Over shoulder 20 yard Magenta
10 yard magenta Spinning!
10 yard Magenta
10 yard Magenta