I call this the Black Diamond skirt because the mirrors flash like a string of diamonds at the hem of your skirt. The full impact has to be seen in person; pictures can't convey the dazzling ever moving lights reflected onto the floor, walls and ceiling of the dance space- mesmerizing for spectators and dancer alike. This skirt isn't just a costume that looks beautiful from afar, It has the authentic quality and hand work that any village dancer would treasure. Shown at left worn over a white 25 yard skirt. Pair it with the Matching Belt for a wonderful ensemble. Black rayon Challis, Three tiers, 10 yards at the hem. bordered with intricately worked diamond motif mirror trim and finished at the bottom with a colorful (or dramatic black on black) band of satin brocade.
Band Colors ( click on color name to view sample) : crimson/ivory/black bandpurple band, magenta band,  blue band,  blue/gold/wine floral band, teal blue band,  teal blue band shown on a skirt,  turquoise floral band,green band,  blue/pewter diamond band,  olive band, kiwi band,   golden yellow band,  tangerine band,  rust band,  brick band,  red band, the red band shown on a skirt, crimson bandwine floral band, wine band, fuchsia/purp/gold floral band, fuchsia paisley band, pink band, fuchsia band, rose band, ivory band, grey band,  black band
Sizing: The adjustable elastic casing fits hips up to 60 inches, Order by Length: X-Short 32 inches, Short 34 inches, Med 36 inches, Long 38 inches X long 40 inches.

Price $192

Handcrafted after I receive your order, will ship within 7-10 days

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