Simply the most outrageously sumptuous skirt I have ever created, from the most valuable materials I've ever gathered from far corners of the earth. 10mm Haboti Silk from China, hand embroidered mirror trim from the villages of India, combined with the hand dyed artistry and design of yours truly in California. 10 yards at the hem for full flight , or 15 yards for outrageous flourishes! A Skirt for your most glorious performances. Sure to inspire choreography! The mirror trim casts ever moving lights at every move, and the silk is more responsive to spins and skirt work than any other fabric by far!  Bordered with intricately worked black diamond motif mirror trim Click here for close up. Finished at the bottom with a band of satin brocade.
Skirt Colors click here for silk colors: ivory,antique beige, black, brilliant blue, teal blue, turquoise, emerald green, apple green, olive, golden yellow, tangerine, rust, brick, red, deep crimson, wine, fuchsia, pink, purple, magenta, peach, pastel blue, pastel green, lilac click here for pastel colors Please be aware The color swatches give you an idea of the color  but are not exact. Moniters differ and hand dyed colors vary from dye lot to dye lot.

Band Colors ( click on color name to view sample- please be aware that the samples will give you a good idea of the color you will receive, but it may not be exact, moniters, cameras, and lighting all have an effect on how the color appears on your screen) : crimson/ivory/black bandpurple band, magenta band,  blue band,  blue/gold/wine floral band, teal blue band,  teal blue band shown on a skirt, turquoise band  turquoise floral bandgreen band, olive band ( shown on modal), kiwi band,   golden yellow band,  tangerine band,  rust band,  brick band,  red band,  crimson bandwine floral band, wine band, fuchsia paisley band, pink band, fuchsia band, rose band, ivory band, white band, grey band,  black band.


Size: Adjustable elastic waist fits up to 60 inches hips, sized by length: Short 34", Med 36", Long 38". Xlong 40" click here  for how to measure
Price $277- $327

These skirts are hand dyed and sewn, after I receive your order. Will ship in 7-10 days

Matching Silk Accessories tie your colors together! if ordered at the same time will be dyed in same dye bath!
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