The beauty of Indian paisley, Floral, and border designs, inspired by traditional block prints meets the color crafting of Gwen!
2 Block Print Patterns  Floral, and Big Paisley and Floral, a dream for a craft dyer like me! I can over dye them all for a flood of color! Color: The basic fabric comes in  Black and White Choose one of 25 hand dyed colors and I will over dye the basic black and white printed skirt, the black will stay black and the white will become the overdye color!! Just imagine your troope with individual choice of colors - but all tied together by  same prints, not to mention the possibilities for matching cholis in the same hand dyed colors! Here are some examples: 12 yard Teal blue, big paisley turquoise purple Magenta big paisleyblue, green,  turquoiseg.yellow, rust,  brickdeep crimsonred.
Size: your choice!  A very full 12 yards at the hem or an outrageous 25 yards at the hem. Adjustable elastic casing up to 60 inches. Lengths; Xshort 32 inches, Short 34 inches, medium length 36 inches long 38 inches, Click on the link for How to measure for length  Price $107-$149

Hand crafted after I receive your order; will ship will ship within 7-10 business days

More skirt Picts!
12 yard Teal blue
12 yard Periwinkle blue
12 yard white
12 yard green
Olive 25 yard
Brick 25 yard Big Paisley
Black and White 25 yard
Black and White 25 yard w/over head work
Black and White 25 yard w/over head work
Golden Yellow 25 yard w/over head work

For more skirts information, including tips on care, sizing, and finishing; go to Skirt info.