A Tribal Dance staple, great for layering, tucking and skirt play. Featuring treasured village crafted Bandhini tie dye. The Flying Skirts version? a very full  16 yards or  Very Very full 22 yards at the hem. Flying Skirts quality construction! Offering a choice of lengths, colors, and adjustable for hips to 60". perfect for everyone in your troupe!
Indian easy care cotton, in a beautiful and adapatable "scattered leaf" time intensive hand crafted tie dye pattern.
Colors: 8 Colors:  Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Marigold, Brown ( sold out), Wine Black, Olive  ,. Size: The adjustable elastic casing fits hips up to 60 inches. Sized by length, X-Short 32", Short 34", Medium 36", Long 38", Xlong 40" Hand crafted after I receive your order; will ship will ship within 7-10 business days.$152- $182

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