Pay in Easy Installments!

You can put anything offered on the website on layaway and pay in managable payments. You can take up to a year to pay for most items. See details below for handcrafted, sale or overstock items.

Handcrafted items If you have a target date when you plan to complete your payments  (like an upcoming performance or festival),  let me know and I will have your order ready to ship by that date! ( I will  need to receive a 25% initial payment to start sewing).

Overstock, One-of-a-Kind, or Sale items If you want to put an overstock, one-of-a-kind, or sale  item on layaway I will need a 25% initial payment to lay it aside and complete payment within 2 months.

Follow these 3 easy steps!

1) Email your order to me; be sure to use the item names, colors and sizes exactly as found on the web site so I don't make a mistake 

2) Give me your address so I can figure in shipping and I'll send your totals and the directions on how to pay!

3) Pay in the amount that suits you best. I will send you an email after each payment  to let you know your remaining balance and instruction for your next payment. To make your layaway payments click here

layaway returns for exchange or credit only.