Perhaps the most exciting Tribal costume element  and certainly a rite of passage for any Tribal Performer! This turban base is the place tp start! Made from light -weight tacky cotton with finished edges, it stays in place, absorbs sweat ,and holds up to repeated pinning and adorning. Size  Measures 45 X 90 inches ; the perfect size to wear alone or to act as the base for an elaborate performance turban. Also wonderful as a wear alone head wrap.
Colors; black, white, natural, magenta, aqua, golden yellow, tangerine, green, olive, pink, teal, chestnut, rust, violet, blue ( note: I do not offer wine or red as color choices because these colors can bleed given enough heat and sweat- if you want red, wine, deep crimson or brick from my cotton colors you can send your request to gwen@flyingskirts.com The turban base comes with easy to follow illustrated wrapping instructions and this advice: Give yourself time and Have Fun!
Black, white and natural are in stock, colors are hand dyed and will ship in 7-10 days
To adorn your turban add colorful scarves and Tribal jewelry from my collection;
Coin Head wrap
Silk Scarf
Large Pewter Pendent,
and wrap around
Kuchi Necklace,
Raj Coin Necklace
Cowrie Necklace
Coin Belts.
Also add silk flowers, deconstructed jewelry; whatever pleases your dancers eye.

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