Discontinued by my supplier!- I'll keep selling them till my stock runs out- not all colors are available! My favorite fringe wrap! Adapted to layering for performance and alone for practice! The colors blend wonderfully with  Flying Skirts color palette. The lush, responsive rayon chainette fringe telegraphs shimmies and spins. An essential tool for students; it helps direct the focus while learning hip isolations and the fringe telegraphs the first hints of a budding shimmy! Crystal bugle beads add sparkle and a definite touch of class! Sizing: Fits hips up to 55 inches, the light weight  fabric ties snugly and hugs hips large or small to perfection! Colors: black(sold out), white, blue sold out), red (sold out), purple (sold out), teal blue( sold out), fuchsia (sold out), and green (sold out) Click here for bead detail In Stock and ready to ship!

Price $32