Flowing and colorful, these 100% silk haboti sleeves add grace and flow to upper body moves. Worn at the mid biceps with the short sleeved choli, at the elbow with the long sleeved choli (scrunched to the elbow), or doubled with a coin bra. as Kajira and her troupe wear them here ( when I asked how she wanted to be credited her reply was: 'You could say "BlackSheep BD loves Gwen's sleeves!" because that's the truth!') The silk is hand dyed in the same deep luminous colors as the silk skirts, bloomers, and veils. These colors blend with the choli colors for a matched pairing, and are even more stunning with a contrasting top. Sizing: The Sleeves measure 33 inches long, Adjustable elastic means one size fits all. To adjust the elastic cut it to the right size for your arm, leaving a one inch overlap, then sew in place or use the provided safety pin length wise so that it disappears into the casing
Click her for Colors: ivory,antique beige, champagne, black, brilliant blue, teal blue, turquoise, emerald green, apple green, olive, golden yellow, tangerine, rust, brick, red, deep crimson, wine, fuchsia, pink, purple, magenta, peach, pastel blue, pastel green, lilac click here for pastel colors  New! spring colors persimmon, pearl gray, grass green, marigold. Please be aware The color swatches give you an idea of the color you will receive but are not exact. moniters differ and colors vary from dye lot to dye lot.

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Shown top, teal blue silk sleeves with Mirrored Diamond Cuffs, Tiered Necklace , Mirrored Diamond Belt, and teal blue Silk Bloomers

Shown bottom, red silk sleeves with red short sleeved choli

Matching Silk Pieces tie your colors together! If ordered at the same time will be dyed in same dye bath!
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