This gorgeous stage choli goes far beyond the flat leotard style dance top. Carefully placed darts and gussets give it the pleasing shape and support of a bra, the comfort and mobility of four way stretch and the drama and richness of velvet! It is close fitting, with a flattering and cooling open back. Sleeves are full or wrist length depending on the length of your arms, and can be scrunched to 3/4 or elbow length if desired.
Colors: black, white, are in stock and ready to ship. Also in hand dyed: cream, grey, light grey, pink, purple, magenta, blue, dark blue, teal blue, turquoise, green, leaf green, olive, chocolate, rust, brick, tangerine, golden yellow,  red, crimson, wine, fuchsia, coral. For more about hand dyed colors click here!
Sizes Small, Medium Large Xlarge . click here for size info.  please note the velvet is not as stretchy as the easy fit cotton lycra when in doubt chose one size up!
Black and off white velvets are in stock and ready to ship. Hand dyed colors with ship in 7-10 days.

Price $42

The velvet is very supportive and does not have as much stretch as the cotton choli. This means even larger busted dancers are comfortable with out a bra! It also means that you may want to size up when you order your velvet choli, especially if your cotton choli fits snugly or if you have a long torso.

For more tips on care and general info choli information page