The famous fit and style of the Flying Skirts Easy Fit Choli with drop shoulder allure and elegance. The sleeves can be pushed up to 3/4 length if desired. Fabulous shaping and moderate stretch support so can be worn without a bra ( but a bra can be worn if desired click here to see how to wear a choli with a bra.  Four way stretch and under arm gussets for full dance mobility. The back is open with ties at the shoulder and mid- back.

Colors: Comes in 25 easy fit Cotton Colors! cotton black, cotton wine, cotton magenta, cotton purple,cotton blue, cotton teal,cotton turquoise, cotton green, cotton olive, cotton apple, cotton rust, cotton chocolate,cotton antique beige, cotton brick, cotton golden yellow, cotton tangerine, cotton red, cotton deep crimson, cotton fuchsia,cotton pink, cotton peach, cotton periwinkle blue, cotton pastel green, cotton lilac,cotton ivory ( white)
 and 22 sumptuous stretch Velvet Colors!.  velvet black, velvet white, cream, velvet  grey, velvet light grey, velvet purple, velvet magenta, velvet blue, velvet dark blue, velvet teal blue, velvet turquoise, velvet green, velvet leaf green, velvet chocolate, velvet rust, velvet brick, velvet tangerine, velvet golden yellow, velvet kiwi, velvet olive, velvet red, velvet crimson, velvet wine, velvet fuchsia, velvet pink, velvet coral. For more information on hand dyed colors click here!

Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge; click here for size info Please note! the velvet is not as stretchy as the cotton! when in doubt chose one size up in velvet!

Price $48

this item is hand sewn after I receive your order and will ship in 7-10 days.