Complex Floral Skirts in a mezmerizing combination of patterns and solids. Two fullness choices; 15 yards at the hem or 20 yards at the hem. Abundant for tucking, skirt work, and spins! These skirts are made of high quality, springy, rayon challis, so responsive they almost fly by themselves. The skirt is black, with floral bands, and optional polka dots.  accented and weighted with an eye catching band of colorful brocade at the hem for maximun flight.

Three Color combos to choose from ( click on color name to view sample)
Purple floralw/polka dot and purple brocade bottom band, or kiwi bottom band
Fuchsia Big Rose: with polka dots and fuchsia brocade bottom band or off white botton band

Wine Big Rose: with wine brocade bottom band
Shades of Gray floral w/polka dots and off white brocade bottom band

Sizing:The adjustable elastic casing fits hips up to 60 inches. Order by Length  
Short 34", Medium 36", Long 38", Xlong 40"
Price $177-$229
Hand sewn after I receive your order- will ship within 7-10 business days

For more skirts information, including tips on care, sizing, and finishing; go to Skirt Info