Extreme Circle Skirts for Extreme Gypsy skirt work! Made from springy best quality rayon challis. Your choice; single cicle for  hands free spinning and shoulder high skirt work, 1 1/2 or double circle for over the shoulder shimmys and over head skirt work,  ultimate tucking and extreme Gypsy skirt work! Finished with a deep floral or NEW!! for a real flamenco fushion look! polka dot ruffle at the hem! Finished with a band of woven jaquard!
Floral Ruffle Colors:  Silver Floralred and white rose  blue floral,  teal floral  fuchsia floral , pink rose , yellow and red Big rose ,  turquoise floral , purple rose ,  red and white rose shades of gray floralSilver Floral,  Coral Floral white polka dot, pink polka dot, purple polka dot, periwinkle polka dot, red polka dot,
Band Colors: see my recommendations at the bottom of the page! click on the color for a sample pict! solid colors:  purple band, magenta band,  blue bandteal blue band, turquoise band, green band,  olive band , kiwi band,  sun yellow band, golden yellow band, tangerine band,  rust band,  brick band,  red bandcrimson bandwine banddeep pink band,  ivory band,  black band, I recommend black or matching bands for the polka dot ruffles. white band, pink band, periwinkle band, red band and purple band
Size: Choose adjustable elastic casing to fit hips up to 40 inches, or 60 inches. Length  Xshort 32 inches Short 34 inches, Medium 36 inches, Long 38 inches Price $187-$259.

Hand sewn after I receive your order- will ship within 7-10 business days

turquoise floral , choose a  turquoise band
purple rose , choose a  purple band , kiwi band, ivory band, or black band
More picts!

red and white rose w/ golden yellow band
double circle shades of grey w/ kiwi band
double circle shades of grey w/ black band
double circle turquoise rose w/ turquoise band
double circle red rose w/ red band
double circle pink rose w/ pink band
double circle pink rose w/ pink velvet choli