Matte rayon with in woven Jacquard floral design. Rich Saturated colors! Comes in long sleeve or elbow lenght sleeve. Regular or Drop Shoulder. New! Elbow length ghawazee Sleeve. This specially woven rayon has enough "give" and stretch to be incredably comfortable and sleek fitting, with a full range of motion underarm gusset. The back is open with ties at the shoulder and mid back. Matches the Rayon Jacquard Skirt.
Colors: black, crimson, red, cobalt blue, blue, teal blue, turquoise, forest green, ivory, pale gray,  
Sizes:  Small  Medium, Large, Xlarge, The woven rayon does not have as much vertical stretch at the cotton/lycra easy fit choli, so offers great support, but you may want to size up, especially if you have a long torso click here for Sizing Guide.
Price $67-79 Hand sewn after I receive your order- will ship within 7-10 business days

A note about washing. The rayon jacquard can be hand washed and hung to dry ( do not machine dry, as some shrinkage may result)  When it is wet it will feel stiff. As it Drys It will look a bit wrinkly and small . Do not Fear! It will relax and regain its normal fluidity when dry and will stretch and mold beautifully to your body when you put it on!