Troupe Orders

  • Troupe Discounts.
    Troupes get 10% off orders where the item total is over $300 (this is to distinguish it from a regular biggish order, and to make it worth my while) with a minimum of 3 of each item ordered ( an item is defined as one product name/ one product page-- different sizes and are colors OK )
    example #1.
    3 long sleeved easy fit cholis, and 4 spinning skirts
    example #2.
    3 ten yard skirts, 5 tiered coin belts, and 3 coin headpieces 
    example #3.
    3 Raj Tasse Belts, 1 sweetheart choli ( in this example the choli would be charged full price but would benefit from combined shipping because big orders average lower shipping cost per item)
    The troupe discount does not apply to sale and markdown items.
    Choose carefully! Although I can allow some exchanges on troupe orders on a case by case basis, additional charges will apply.
    Expect longer sewing time than normal for big orders with lots of handcrafted items! Orders sent to one address and paid in one payment ship USPS Priority mail. Most for $16.95 in the USA.Troupe shipments to Mexico or Canada can be just $49.95 and $59.95 to the rest of the world. If your shipment is large or heavy I will charge extra depending on the country and the total weight.
    How to Order:
    Email yout troupe order to, Order must be text format not a jpeg or image- you can cut and paste the text of the shopping cart into an email or attach a word or excel document. Include a note letting me know it is a troupe order. I will bill you for the balance due minus the discount.
    Or order thru the shopping cart- be sure to add a note so I know it is a troupe order and I will refund your discount!