Perhaps the most exciting Tribal costume element  and certainly a rite of passage for any Tribal Performer! This turban base is the place tp start! Made from light -weight tacky cotton with finished edges, it stays in place, absorbs sweat ,and holds up to repeated pinning and adorning. Size  Measures 45 X 90 inches ; the perfect size to wear alone or to act as the base for an elaborate performance turban. Also wonderful as a wear alone head wrap.
Colors; black, white, natural, magenta, aqua, golden yellow, tangerine, green, olive, pink, teal, chestnut, rust, violet, blue ( note: I do not offer wine or red as color choices because these colors can bleed given enough heat and sweat- if you want red, wine, deep crimson or brick from my cotton colors you can send your request to The turban base comes with easy to follow illustrated wrapping instructions and this advice: Give yourself time and Have Fun!
Black, white and natural are in stock, colors are hand dyed and will ship in 7-10 days
To adorn your turban add colorful scarves and Tribal jewelry from my collection;
Coin Head wrap
Silk Scarf
Large Pewter Pendent,
and wrap around
Kuchi Necklace,
Raj Coin Necklace
Cowrie Necklace
Coin Belts.
Also add silk flowers, deconstructed jewelry; whatever pleases your dancers eye.

Price $24