Beautifully embroidered mirror trim accented with seed beads and finished with ties. sold by the pair, they have more uses than I can list! Wrist cuffs, upper arm bands Shown with silk sleeves, or neck choker and headdress wrap as shown. Hand dyed after I receive your order in the following Colors; wine, magenta, purple, blue, teal, turquoise, green, olive, apple, rust, chocolate, brick, golden yellow, tangerine, red, deep crimson ( not Shown) fuchsia, pink, ivory ( white), black. Sizes 6 inch pair, 8 inch pair, 10 inch pair, 12 inch pair, 14 inch pair.
Costuming tip:- you may want to replace the ties with velcro for easy on cuffs!
Part of the Mirrored Diamond collection. Order any of the items below at the same time and all will be dyed in the same dye bath for the closest possible color match
Mirrored Diamond Belt
Mirrored Diamond Choli

Price $19