Show Stopping!! Samples, overstock, hand dyed cholis that did not turn out as expected, and tunics too!: click on the name to see a photo of the each style ( not all styles available at all times)

sleeveless mirrored diamond
long sleeved mirrored diamond
short sleeved mirrored diamond
black diamond choli
long sleeved drop shoulder
sweetheart choli
drop shoulder sweetheart
brocade choli
long sleeved velvet choli
Village Mirror Choli brick/rust 
sheer ivory lace closeouts 

Sometimes a dye bath goes off track but the resulting color is just too nice to re- dye, so I put it here for you in over stock, consider it a color grab bag, I name them as descriptivly as I can, but of course color words can be subjective, so choosing one of these is a bit of an adventure- you can email me for more of a description ,sorry, no photos.

The Good News? The cholis in the drop down menu below are in stock so you get it fast ( A life saver for that last minute performance costume!)   Marked down ( between 15-60%) so you save $$$.  The bad news? there is only one of most and they can go fast, so if you see what you want don't hesitate- when it is gone its gone! Check back often as the selection is  always changing.  

Sizing:  velvet has less stretch than the easy-fit cotton lycra, when in doubt order one size up!. Click here for more on  Choli Sizing  click here for Tunic/Kurta Sizing

Priced by style, To see what is available today check the drop down menu!

Velvet Choli Sizing- the velvet has less stretch than the easy-fit cotton lycra, when in doubt order one size up!

irregular means the choli has small flaws, like a pulled thread or mildly uneven dyeing- good enough for most uses but maybe not for a perfectionist in bright stage lighting!  and not what I would offer as regular stock. Amazing savings!