Samples, overstock, and one of a kind  hand sewn coin bras: click on the name to see a photo of the each unique bra (not all bras available at all times)

Big Mirror Coin Bra / rare large mirror village embroidered piece, lots of intricate coin sewing by Gwen!  DD- cup $199

Kuchi Trim Coin Bra D-cup $169 SOLD

Border Bra covered in coins   C-cup$119 SOLD

Serpentine Coin Bra C-cup $149 SOLD

The Good News? The coin bras in the drop down menu below are in stock so you get it fast ( A life saver for that last minute performance costume!)   Marked down ( between 10-30%) so you save $$$.  The bad news? there is only one of most and they can go fast, so if you see what you want don't hesitate- when it is gone its gone! Check back often as the selection is  always changing.  


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