Floral print, polka dots and fun! Rayon Challis, in basic black and white or over-dyed by Gwen in the Flying Skirts Colors Palette!, wine, magenta, purple, teal, (turquoise not available in this style), olive, apple, rust, (natural and antique beige  not available in this style) chocolate, brick, golden yellow, tangerine, deep crimson, fuchsia, pink, peach, periwinkle blue, pastel green,or  lilac.
Girls sizes 5 yards at the hem adjustable elastic fits hips up to 36", Preteen sizes 7 yards at the hem fit hips to 45", Adult sizes 15 yards at the hem fits up to 60" hips. Order by length. Hand crafted after I receive your order. Price Girls $59, pre-teen $79, Adult $149

the preteen version works great for adults as an overskirt, a teachers skirt, or a great crossover skirt for many dance styles!
Custom Tweak! The Adult version can be made an outragous 20 yards at the hem for an additional $25 
 First order the Adult size Floral Dot Skirt by clicking on the the overdye color, band color, option and add to cart buttons, then click on the Make the Adult Floral Dot Skirt button