Bright Jewels! Made from repurposed Vintage Indian Saris! Nothing else is quite as luminous and cheerful, Each one unique! Do not expect perfection! these skirts have been upcycled using saris worn by Indian women going about there daily lives! Do expect exotic colors and serendipitous prints! I love these for street wear as well as dance! 5 tiers, 10-12 yards at the hem- full enough for full spins- especially wonderful layered over a 25 yard fluffy skirt- tucking possibilitys abound!!. perfect for stage, street and partys! adjustable waist fits hips to 50" Price $39 

Special purchase, only one of each. When they are gone they are gone! 

G yellow/ fuchsia 36-37 inches long SOLD
turquoise 33-34 inches long 
grey/ blue 37-38 inches long 
Taupe 36/ 37 inches long SOLD
olive 36-37 inches long
red/gold 35- 36 inches inches long SOLD
fuchsia/ purple 37-38 inches inches long
coffee and cream 36-37 inches inches long SOLD

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New skirts added every time I visit my favorite Indian import warehouse- where I get to look thru the new arrivals and pick the best for you!