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Polka dots! Just Fun!, Think Paris in the 1920s, Early American Burlesque, and Gypsy Flamenco! Great for tucking and fabulous as an underskirt! Made from responsive and flight worthy rayon challis, a full 10, or 15 yards at the hem.
Colors: Black background, with a choice of contrasting polka dots: White, Red, Pink Fuchsia, MagentaPurplePeriwinkle, BlueTeal Blue, TurquoiseGreen ,Golden YellowRustOlive
Sizing: The adjustable elastic casing fits hips up to 60 inches. Order by Length, Xshort 32", Short 34", Medium length 36", Long 40", Xlong 42. click here for sizing info. Price $67- $89. Hand sewn after I receive your order- will ship within 7-10 business days

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Teal dot under 25 yard skirt

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